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Guaranteed Rent Management Service 

This is our all inclusive property management service which protects landlords from the stress and costs associated with rental properties, as we take on the risk and responsibility of managing your property.

Rent is guaranteed every month, so landlords don’t have to worry about late or missed rent or how to pay the mortgage during void periods.

If you are a landlord and you want to enjoy passive income from your rental properties without the usual stress and cost of repairs and maintenance, then this service is for you. Please check Guaranteed Rent illustration here to see how you can benefit from this service.

Guaranteed Rent Management Service is suitable for landlords who:
1. Want the assurance of their rent paid monthly as the service offers guaranteed rent at no extra cost to you.

2. Do not want to deal with the cost of maintaining their property.

3. Want peace of mind as there are no void periods, tenant issues or repairs to deal with.

4. Do not want to pay estate agency fee when they sell their rental properties.

Our Guaranteed Rent Service includes all Standard Management benefits which are:
– Preparing full inventory of your property, including photographs

– Advertise your property & interview prospective tenants

– Accompany tenants to view property

– Obtain professional references and credit checks on tenants

– Draw up tenancy agreement

– Collect deposit from tenants and remit it to Deposit Protection Service

– Oversee tenant check in against inventory

– Inform Council and utility suppliers of new tenant, advising them of meter readings

– Collect rent and pay landlords by BACS

– Conduct inspection of property every 6 months

– Handle all tenant queries

– Arrange for repairs to be carried out on property on behalf of landlords.

– Arrange tenancy renewal

– Oversee tenant check out against inventory

– Re-advertise the property to let

landlords using our Guaranteed Rent Management Service will also enjoy the following: 
1. Guaranteed Rent paid on time, every month.

2. Cost of repairs and maintenance, including Gas and Electric certificates is covered .

3. Service charges and maintenance contracts for leasehold properties are also paid by us

4. Legal cost of evicting difficult tenants is borne by us.

5. Smoke & CO2 alarms will be fitted at no cost to you.

6. No Management Fee or monthly commission to be paid.

How much guaranteed rent can I get?

The quality, external appearance and general internal condition of the property, as well as the level of compliance with health, safety and other legal requirements are some of the things that will determine the rent we will guarantee.

Please telephone or email us and we will arrange to visit and evaluate your property; after which we will agree a Guaranteed Monthly Rent with you.

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