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Rapid Equity Home Scheme

This scheme is for buyers who want to build more than 5% equity in their home before they get a mortgage, by putting down a bigger down payment and making lump sum payments whenever they can.

It is suitable for legal immigrants who are new in the country or self employed first time buyers who can’t get a mortgage but can afford to build more than 5% equity in their home over a period of 3 years.

There is no credit scoring – However, in order to verify your identity and ability to make monthly payment, we will use the services of an independent referencing company to do credit check and obtain satisfactory references from your employer, previous or current landlord.

Low upfront fee – Once we get satisfactory reference and credit check, you will be able to move into your new home after paying 3-5% down payment which forms part of the purchase price.

Fixed monthly payments – we will work with you to determine what is affordable and monthly payment is fixed.

sMighty Rapid Equity Scheme is a stepping stone towards home ownership without first qualifying for a mortgage. The scheme allows you to build up equity in your home and reduce the amount of deposit you will need in future to get a mortgage.

You will be required to get a mortgage to complete the purchase at the end of the scheme which typically is three years.

The scheme is flexible and offers terms to suit different kinds of buyers such as:

– 3-5% down payment which goes towards the purchase price.

– It allows you to improve the value of your home.

– There is an agreed, fixed purchase price upfront and you can build up equity in your home to qualify for a mortgage to complete the purchase, knowing that the purchase price of the house won’t change for three years.

– It allows you to make additional payments to reduce the purchase price faster without incurring any penalty.

Rapid Equity Requirements: 
(i) Minimum of 3% of property value or £3,500 down payment (whichever is higher)  – It covers the cost of sourcing your home and fixing the rent and purchase price for the duration of your Assisted Home Ownership Scheme.  Down payment goes 100% towards the purchase price of your home.

(ii) Monthly rent  – every month tenants pay their rent in full and on time, they earn between 10% of the rent as Monthly Credit . Monthly Credit is an incentive to help tenants build up equity and reduce the amount of mortgage they need to complete on the purchase of their home.

Please Note:
The down payment is not a security deposit. It is a non refundable payment that goes towards the purchase of your home, i.e. credited 100% to reduce the purchase price of your home.

If you can’t or decide not to complete on buying your home, you are free to sell your right to buy it and you could make profit if your home has appreciated in the value, otherwise you will lose all the money you have paid for it.

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