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Quick House Sale
  • Do you need to sell your property fast but you don’t want to sell below market value?
  • Have you discounted the sale price but the property is still not selling?
  • Are you struggling monthly to pay mortgage on your property and need to sell fast due to illness, job loss or reduced income?
  • Have you separated from your previous partner and maintaining the property alone is putting financial pressure on you?
  • Are you thinking of up-sizing or down-sizing?
  • Are you relocating for work or to the countryside or to be close to family members?
  • Are you emigrating to sunnier climate?
  • Have you inherited or can’t sell a property and have become an accidental landlord?

If you need to move on with your life as quickly as possible but you don’t want to reduce the price of your house for a quick sale, then talk to us.

Our business is to find alternative but suitable solution to problems people have relating to property ownership.

How we Work:
Because no two situations or circumstances are the same, we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ solution, rather we tailor our solutions to meet individual needs and circumstances.

  1. When you contact us, we will carry out a detailed Fact Find, to help us get a complete picture of your situation, so that we can customise a solution that is suitable to your needs.

Some of the information we will need from you include:

  • Any deadlines you may have to meet;
  • Balance of mortgage; is mortgage Interest only or repayment;
  • What is the current interest rate;
  • Is interest fixed or variable;
  • Total loan secured against the property;
  • Monthly payment for secured loan & mortgage;
  • Type and condition of the property among others;

2. We will carefully review the information you gave us in order to come up with a solution tailored to your needs.

Assuming we get all the information we require and we are able to find a suitable solution for you, we will send you a written, formal offer to buy your property within three working days.

Please note: our offer is subject to a satisfactory RICS (Royal institute of chartered surveyors) survey carried out by an independent surveyor.

It is also important to note that our solutions are not suitable for all sellers.

3. If you want to proceed with the offer, all registered owners have to sign the acceptance form attached to the offer and send it back to us along with:

  • Photo id of all registered owners of the property i.e. driving licence or passport;
  • Proof of residence of all registered owners in the form of bank, credit card statement or utility bill issued within the last three months;
  • Copy of the mortgage agreement;
  • Latest mortgage statement;
  • Any loan agreement secured against the property.

4. On receiving your acceptance form and satisfactory RICS survey; our solicitor will carry out local searches, title checks and draw up a legal contract based on the offer we made and send it to your solicitor to check that your interest is properly protected before you sign the contract.

5.We exchange contracts; we pay deposit to your solicitor and we complete at the agreed time.

Once we exchange contracts, you can consider your house SOLD and you can move on with your life.

Areas we Cover:
We buy properties all over England, but not in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Wales.

What Next:
Complete our Property Owners Form and we will call you at your preferred time, for a free, no-obligation, confidential chat to take some details that will help us have a clear picture of your situation, so that we can customise a solution that is suitable to your needs and circumstance.


Call our Local Rate Number 0330 660 0167 today;

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